Top-7 Best Souvenir Skins in CS2: Enhance Your Collection

Top-7 Best Souvenir Skins in CS2: Enhance Your Collection

Discover the top seven best souvenir skins in CS2 and learn everything about these rare and collectible skins. Enhance your inventory with the best souvenir skins available now on SkinsLuck!


Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) offers several types of skins, including regular skins, StatTrak skins with frag counters, and the rare Souvenir skins. Today, we’ll explore everything about Souvenir skins in CS2: how to get them, their costs, and the best souvenir cases to open. Moreover, we’ll reveal the seven best Souvenir skins in CS2 that you should consider adding to your collection.

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What are Souvenir Skins in CS2?

Souvenir skins in CS2 are unique firearm skins (no Souvenir knives or gloves) that you can only obtain during Majors hosted by Valve or by purchasing them from other players. These skins are awarded by exchanging special tokens, available to Viewer Pass holders, which you can earn by completing predictions. Each token can be exchanged for a Souvenir case from a selected match.

Souvenir skins are regular skins with a special distinction: they come with four unique gold stickers:

  • Gold Tournament Sticker
  • Gold Map Collection Sticker
  • Two Gold Team Stickers (match participants)

For example, if Team Vitality played against MOUZ on Mirage at the Paris Major 2023 and you exchange your token for this case, you will get a weapon dedicated to the Mirage Collection Case with gold stickers of Mirage, Team Vitality, MOUZ, and Paris Major 2023.

Best Souvenir Skins in CS2

CS2 offers around 300 Souvenir skins with varying rarity, price, and collection. Here are the top seven Souvenir skins that stand out in the game community:

M4A4 Eye of Horus

  • Rarity: Covert
  • Collection: The Anubis
  • Price: $900+

M4A1-S Imminent Danger

  • Rarity: Covert
  • Collection: The 2021 Vertigo
  • Price: $1200+

AK-47 Gold Arabesque

  • Rarity: Covert
  • Collection: The 2021 Dust 2
  • Price: $1600+

AWP Desert Hydra

  • Rarity: Covert
  • Collection: The 2021 Mirage
  • Price: $1400+

M4A1-S Welcome to the Jungle

  • Rarity: Covert
  • Collection: The Ancient
  • Price: $1200+

AWP Dragon Lore

  • Rarity: Covert
  • Collection: The Cobblestone
  • Price: $40,000+

Desert Eagle Fennec Fox

  • Rarity: Classified
  • Collection: The 2021 Mirage
  • Price: $200+

While these are among the best, there are many more Souvenir skins to explore. Visit SkinsLuck and use our filter system to find your ideal Souvenir skins!

How to Get Souvenir Skins in CS2?

You can obtain Souvenir skins in CS2 through two primary methods:

  1. Open Souvenir Cases: Available during Majors, you can use tokens to get these cases.
  2. Buy Souvenir Skins or Cases: Purchase them directly from other players or platforms like SkinsLuck.

The next wave of Souvenir cases is expected with the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. Until then, you can still find great deals on existing Souvenir skins.

What are the Best Souvenir Skins to Buy?

When buying Souvenir skins, consider the following factors:

  • Personal Preferences: Choose skins that you like and enjoy using.
  • Collectible Value: Some skins have higher collectible value due to their rarity and the map collection they belong to.
  • Investment Potential: While Souvenir skins can be a good investment, they come with risks. Monitor the market to make informed decisions.
  • Budget: Decide whether to invest in a single expensive skin or diversify with multiple cheaper ones.

Ultimately, the best Souvenir skin is one that fits your style and budget. Explore the wide range of options on SkinsLuck and find the perfect addition to your inventory!


Souvenir skins add a unique and collectible element to your CS2 inventory. With their distinct gold stickers and association with Major tournaments, they hold a special place among players. Whether you’re looking for investment opportunities or simply want a cool skin for your favorite weapon, the top seven Souvenir skins listed here are excellent choices. Visit SkinsLuck to explore these and many more options, and enhance your collection today!


What are Souvenir skins in CS2?
Souvenir skins are unique firearm skins obtained during Majors with special gold stickers representing the tournament and teams involved.

How can I get Souvenir skins in CS2?
You can get Souvenir skins by opening Souvenir cases during Majors or purchasing them from other players.

Are Souvenir skins a good investment?
Yes, Souvenir skins can be a good investment, but like any investment, they come with risks. Monitor the market to make informed decisions.

Where can I buy Souvenir skins?
You can purchase Souvenir skins on SkinsLuck, which offers a wide selection and competitive prices.

What should I consider when buying Souvenir skins?
Consider your personal preferences, the skin’s collectible value, investment potential, and your budget.

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