The Best VALORANT Crosshair Codes (Based on the Pros)

The Best VALORANT Crosshair Codes (Based on the Pros)

Explore the best VALORANT crosshair codes used by pro players. Customize your crosshair for optimal performance with our detailed guide, featuring top player settings and tips.


In VALORANT, a well-tuned crosshair is crucial for precision and performance. This guide showcases the best crosshair codes used by pro players, offering a mix of styles to suit different playstyles.


  • Use Distinct Colors: Choose colors like cyan or neon green, which stand out against the game's maps.
  • Avoid Large Crosshairs: Thick lines can obscure enemies, hindering your view.
  • Start with Pro Crosshairs: Use these settings as a base for customization.

Best VALORANT Crosshair Codes

1. TenZ Crosshair Code:

2. ZmjjKK Crosshair Code:

3. runi Crosshair Code:

4. Something Crosshair Code:

5. aspas Crosshair Code:

6. cNed Crosshair Code:

7. nAts Crosshair Code:

8. Leo Crosshair Code:

9. f0rsakeN Crosshair Code:

10. Ethan Crosshair Code:

How to Import a VALORANT Crosshair

  1. Copy the crosshair code.
  2. Open VALORANT and go to Settings.
  3. Navigate to Crosshair and select Import Profile Code.
  4. Paste the crosshair code and click Import.


Finding the perfect crosshair can significantly enhance your gameplay in VALORANT. Start with these pro crosshair codes and tweak them to suit your preferences. For more crosshair options and detailed guides, visit SkinsLuck's Blog. Happy gaming!

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