The Most Expensive Sticker From Every CS2 Major

The Most Expensive Sticker From Every CS2 Major

From record-breaking prices to rare designs, dive into the history of the most expensive CS2 stickers from each major tournament. Find out what makes these stickers so valuable and sought after.

For a decade, CS2 majors have not only elevated the esports scene but have also turned game skins and stickers into coveted collector's items. With CS2's illustrious era drawing to a close, let’s take a nostalgic journey through the most expensive stickers from each of the 19 major tournaments.

A Glimpse at the Majors:

  1. Paris 2023 - m0NESY (Gold):
    At only 18, m0NESY is already a CS2 icon. His sticker, from his play at the Paris 2023 Major with G2, commands a price of $140 on SkinsLuck, offering a slight edge over other market prices.
  2. Rio 2022 - ZywOo (Gold):
    Known for his remarkable skills, ZywOo’s sticker from Rio 2022 is a fan favorite, currently valued at $200, reflecting both his popularity and talent.
  3. Antwerp 2022 - m0NESY (Gold):
    Marking m0NESY’s major debut, this sticker skyrocketed in value to $186, despite G2’s middling performance.
  4. Stockholm 2021 - MOUZ (Gold):
    Featuring the team’s revamped logo, this sticker is not just about the team's performance but its brand impact, priced at $200.
  5. 2020 RMR - Tyloo (Gold):
    Despite being part of a less admired sticker series, the Tyloo Gold from 2020 RMR stands out at approximately $20, proving that even less popular series have their gems.
  6. Berlin 2019 - DickStacy (Gold):
    The community’s unique sense of humor has catapulted the price of this sticker to $385 on SkinsLuck, significantly cheaper than on other platforms.
  7. Katowice 2019 - DickStacy (Gold):
    Continually popular, this sticker’s price has soared to $749, making it one of the most expensive and humorous entries.
  8. London 2018 - Twistzz (Gold):
    Rarity defines its $930 market value, with only a few available for purchase.
  9. Boston 2018 - captainMo (Gold):
    Its unique design and extreme scarcity have driven its price up, with only one on sale currently.
  10. Krakow 2017 - keshandr (Gold):
    Known for its iconic shark design, this sticker is a legend in the community, fetching upwards of $7200.
  11. Atlanta 2017 - s1mple (Foil):
    Priced around $615, this sticker benefits from s1mple’s status as one of the greatest CS2 players ever.
  12. Cologne 2016 - s1mple (Foil):
    Another entry for s1mple, priced attractively at $300 on SkinsLuck.
  13. Columbus 2016 - s1mple (Foil):
    Yet another s1mple sticker, known for its demand and slightly cheaper price of $124.99 on SkinsLuck.
  14. Cluj-Napoca 2015 - NiKo (Foil):
    Before s1mple dominated, NiKo’s sticker was the go-to, now valued at about $460.
  15. Cologne 2015 - shroud (Foil):
    Shroud’s ongoing popularity from his streaming career has kept his sticker in high demand, priced at $153.
  16. Katowice 2015 - Vox Eminor (Holo):
    This vibrant Holo sticker is valued at $1315, a collector’s favorite for its aesthetic appeal.
  17. DreamHack 2014 - Team Dignitas (Holo):
    Priced at $440, it’s a steal for its visually appealing design and historical value.
  18. Cologne 2014 - Team Dignitas (Holo):
    Preferred over its DreamHack counterpart, this version goes for $1100.
  19. Katowice 2014 - Titan (Holo):
    The most legendary of them all, the Titan Holo ranges around $60,000, making it the pinnacle of CS2 sticker collectibles.

As CS2 winds down, these stickers are not just in-game items; they represent memories, victories, and the very culture of the esports community. They hold historical value and serve as a testament to the game’s impact on its players and fans alike.

This roundup not only serves as a guide for collectors but also celebrates the rich history of CS2's competitive scene. Would you like more details on any specific tournament or sticker mentioned here?

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