Essential CS:GO and CS2 Bot Commands for 2024

Essential CS:GO and CS2 Bot Commands for 2024

Dive into the world of CS:GO and CS2 with these indispensable bot commands that will enhance your practice sessions and fill your games with AI opponents.

From the early days of offline Counter-Strike to the current versions of CS:GO and CS2, bots have played an integral role in the game, offering both solo and multiplayer practice opportunities. Here’s your ultimate guide to understanding and using CS:GO and CS2 bot commands effectively.

Enabling Bot Commands

To use bot commands in CS:GO and CS2, you must access the developer console:

  1. Activate the Developer Console within the "Game Settings".
  2. Open the Console by pressing the tilde key (~).
  3. Enter Your Bot Commands as needed.

Types of CS:GO Bot Commands

Bot commands in CS:GO and CS2 can be categorized into several types. Some commands require enabling cheats with sv_cheats 1 before they can be used.

Adding Bots

  • bot_add [side] [difficulty] [name]: Adds a bot to a specified side (T or CT) with optional difficulty and name parameters.
  • bot_place: Spawns a bot in front of you, useful for positioning bots in specific locations for practice scenarios.
  • bot_quota [number]: Sets the maximum number of bots allowed in the game.

Managing Bot Behavior

  • notarget: Makes you invisible to bots; they will not see or shoot at you.
  • bot_dont_shoot 1: Prevents bots from shooting.
  • bot_freeze 1: Freezes all bot movements.
  • bot_stop 1: Makes all bots stop their current actions and stand still.
  • bot_mimic 1: Bots mimic your player movements and actions.

Configuring Bot Difficulty

  • bot_difficulty [0-3]: Sets the difficulty level for all bots, with 0 being the easiest and 3 the hardest.

Bot Equipment and Strategy

  • bot_knives_only 1: Restricts bots to using only knives.
  • bot_pistols_only 1: Limits bots to using pistols only.
  • bot_snipers_only 1: Allows bots to use sniper rifles only.

Practical Use of Bot Commands

Bot commands are particularly useful for various training and gameplay scenarios:

  • Practice Aiming and Shooting: Use bot_add, bot_place, and bot_dont_shoot to practice your aim without lethal return fire.
  • Strategic Placement: With bot_place, position bots in specific locations to practice site retakes or bomb defusals.
  • Difficulty Adjustment: bot_difficulty helps you scale the challenge as you improve, keeping your training sessions effective and engaging.

Bot Command Scenarios

  1. Training Aim: Place stationary bots with bot_place and bot_freeze 1 to practice headshots.
  2. Learning Maps: Use bot_add to fill the map and learn typical engagement points.
  3. Configuring Match-like Scenarios: Set up bots with varying difficulties and weapons to simulate different match situations.


Understanding and utilizing these bot commands in CS:GO and CS2 can significantly enhance your practice sessions, making them more targeted and efficient. Whether you’re a newcomer looking to get the hang of the basics or an experienced player aiming to refine your skills, these commands provide the tools necessary to craft a personalized training regimen.

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