CS2's Latest Update: Renting Skins, Vertigo Changes, and More

CS2's Latest Update: Renting Skins, Vertigo Changes, and More

Dive into CS2's latest update, introducing skin rentals, new Vertigo pathways, and key gameplay adjustments. Learn how these changes impact the game and improve your strategy.

The latest Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) update has introduced some exciting changes, including skin rentals, significant adjustments to the Vertigo map, and important gameplay tweaks aimed at balancing the economy. Here's a detailed look at everything new in this update.

Renting Skins in CS2

One of the most innovative features introduced is the ability to rent skins. This new option allows players to rent the entire Kilowatt case collection for a week instead of receiving a random item from the collection. To access this feature, you need to purchase a key to unlock the Kilowatt case. While all skins in the collection are available for rent, the rare special item remains obtainable only through regular case openings.

Rental Restrictions

  • Rented skins revert to the stock version after the rental period.
  • Rented skins cannot be modified with stickers or name tags.
  • Rented skins cannot be traded or sold on the Steam Community Market.

Vertigo Map Overhaul

The update brings game-changing modifications to Vertigo, specifically around the A bombsite:

  • New Pathway: A new path has been added alongside the A site, connecting to the heaven area, altering rotation and strategic approaches.
  • Elevator Access: The elevator area now opens directly to the lane, providing new tactical opportunities.

These changes are expected to significantly impact team strategies, rotations, and post-plant scenarios.

Economy and Weapon Adjustments

To balance the game further, several economic and weapon changes were implemented:

  • Terrorist Economy: The reward for planting the bomb and having it defused was reduced from $800 to $600.
  • CT Economy: The price of the M4A4 has been reduced from $3100 to $3000, making the decision between the M4A4 and M4A1-S even more challenging.
  • Grenade Adjustments: The price of the Incendiary Grenade was lowered to $500, with visual changes to differentiate it from the Molotov.

Additional Updates

  • Gameplay Improvements: Adjustments to first-person camera movement and new console commands for switching hand views.
  • HUD Fixes: Several bugs were fixed, including MVP name display and scoreboard issues.
  • Chicken Animations: Chickens now have new animations and can walk up ramps, adding a fun element to the game.
  • Demo Playback: The demo playback timeline now shows kill and death events, with a highlight mode for focusing on these events.

Full Release Notes

For a detailed look at all the changes, here are the full release notes:

  • Gameplay Adjustments: Changes to flame visuals, weapon prices, and movement tweaks.
  • Rentals: Introduction of the new rental feature with detailed restrictions.
  • HUD Fixes: Corrections to bugs affecting the user interface.
  • Chickens and UI Improvements: New animations and performance improvements to the main menu and item inspect background.


This CS2 update introduces significant changes that enhance gameplay and strategic depth. From the innovative skin rental system to crucial map and economy adjustments, players have a lot to explore and adapt to. Whether you're excited about renting skins or navigating the new pathways in Vertigo, these updates promise to keep the game fresh and engaging.

Stay tuned to SkinsLuck for more updates, tips, and guides on how to make the most of your CS2 experience!

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