CS2 Knife Commands Guide: Unlock Every Knife in Practice Mode

CS2 Knife Commands Guide: Unlock Every Knife in Practice Mode

Discover how to try out every knife in CS2 using developer console commands. This guide from SkinsLuck provides all the steps and commands you need.


CS2 knives are some of the most expensive and coveted items in the game. Whether you're eyeing the rare Karambit Blue Gem or a sleek Fade knife, making a purchase or trade for these valuable items is a significant investment. Fortunately, CS2 offers a hidden method to try out any knife in the game during practice matches, ensuring you make an informed decision. In this comprehensive guide, SkinsLuck breaks down how to use CS2 knife commands to test any knife in the game.

What Are CS2 Knife Commands?

CS2 knife commands are part of the developer console commands available in practice mode. These commands allow players to equip any knife in the game instantly. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to see how different knives look and feel in-game before committing to a purchase.

How to Use CS2 Knife Commands

  1. Enable Developer Console: First, ensure the developer console is enabled. If you haven't done this yet, check out our guide on enabling CS2 console commands.
  2. Start a Practice Match: Launch a match in practice mode.
  3. Activate Cheats: Open the developer console and type sv_cheats 1.
  4. Enable Knife Dropping: Enter mp_drop_knife_enable 1 to allow dropping your default knife.
  5. Drop Your Knife: Drop your current knife using the drop weapon key.
  6. Enter Knife Commands: Use the following commands to equip different knives:
    • Bowie Knife: subclass_create 514
    • Butterfly Knife: subclass_create 515
    • Classic Knife: subclass_create 503
    • Falchion Knife: subclass_create 512
    • Flip Knife: subclass_create 505
    • Gut Knife: subclass_create 506
    • Huntsman Knife: subclass_create 509
    • Karambit: subclass_create 507
    • Kukri Knife: subclass_create 526
    • M9 Bayonet: subclass_create 508
    • Navaja Knife: subclass_create 520
    • Nomad Knife: subclass_create 521
    • Paracord Knife: subclass_create 517
    • Shadow Daggers: subclass_create 516
    • Skeleton Knife: subclass_create 525
    • Stiletto Knife: subclass_create 522
    • Survival Knife: subclass_create 518
    • Talon Knife: subclass_create 523
    • Ursus Knife: subclass_create 519


Here are all the knife commands you can use to pimp out your inventory. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out the rest of the SkinsLuck blog, where we regularly add more guides, news, and even free CS2 skins giveaways!

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