The Most Expensive CS2 Skins: A Deep Dive into the #387 Karambit Blue Gem

The Most Expensive CS2 Skins: A Deep Dive into the #387 Karambit Blue Gem

Explore the fascinating world of CS2's most expensive skin, the Karambit Blue Gem #387. Learn about its unique features, rarity, and why it's valued at nearly $2,000,000.


In the world of Counter-Strike 2, few items command as much attention and intrigue as the Karambit | Case Hardened (Factory New) with the #387 paint seed, known as the Blue Gem. This skin isn’t just a digital asset; it’s a piece of gaming history, valued at an astonishing price of over $1.5 million. Let’s explore what makes this skin so special and why it holds such a high value.

The Value of Digital Assets

For those unfamiliar with the CS2 skin economy, the concept of a digital item being worth millions might seem absurd. However, in the gaming community, these skins are more than just pixels—they're symbols of status, wealth, and prestige. The Karambit Blue Gem, in particular, stands at the pinnacle of this digital marketplace.

The Unique Appeal of the Karambit Blue Gem

1. The Allure of the Blue:
The Case Hardened skins in CS2 are pattern-based, meaning no two skins are exactly alike. Among these, the Blue Gem variants, which feature a predominantly blue finish, are the most coveted. The #387 pattern is the bluest of them all, making it the most desirable.

2. Extreme Rarity:
There are only nine Case Hardened Karambits with the #387 pattern, and only one is in Factory New condition. This exceptional rarity significantly boosts its value. The next best condition available is Field-Tested, making the Factory New variant even more exclusive.

Ownership and Market Value

The Karambit Blue Gem is currently owned by a player known as "青い王," who has kept the skin in their private inventory for as long as records show. Despite numerous high-value offers, including a notable bid of 1.2 million Euros in Bitcoin (then worth approximately $1.5 million USD), the owner has consistently declined to sell.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Intrinsic Value:
The intrinsic value of the Karambit Blue Gem comes from its rarity, unique pattern, and the prestige associated with owning such an exclusive item. In the world of CS2, owning a rare skin like this is akin to possessing a piece of art or a luxury item in the real world.

Market Dynamics:
The CS2 skin market operates on supply and demand. With only one Factory New #387 Karambit Blue Gem in existence, the supply is extremely limited, while the demand among collectors and high-profile players remains high. This dynamic drives the price to astronomical levels.

Current Valuation

As of now, the estimated value of the Karambit Blue Gem is approaching $2 million, reflecting its increasing desirability and the rising value of digital assets in the gaming community. This valuation makes it the most expensive CS2 skin ever recorded.


The Karambit Blue Gem #387 is more than just a skin; it’s a legend in the CS2 community. Its blend of rarity, unique aesthetic appeal, and market dynamics contribute to its staggering value. Whether you’re a collector, a player, or just an enthusiast, the story of the Karambit Blue Gem is a fascinating glimpse into the world of digital assets and the Counter-Strike economy.

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