CS2 Doppler Phases Guide

CS2 Doppler Phases Guide

Dive into the world of CS2 Doppler phases with our ultimate guide. From Phase 1 to the rarest Black Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire finishes, discover which phases are the most sought-after and valuable in Counter-Strike 2. Find your perfect knife skin today!

Dopplers are among the most iconic knife finishes in CS2, known for their advanced pattern system and stunning visual appeal. This guide delves into the seven different Doppler phases, highlighting their unique characteristics and market value. Let's dive in!

Phase 1

Description: Phase 1 Dopplers feature a primarily black/deep purple design with small pink and purple accents. They are among the more affordable phases but still offer a unique look.

  • Popularity: Moderate
  • Price Range: Generally cheaper compared to other phases

Phase 2

Description: Phase 2 Dopplers are highly popular and valuable. They boast a predominantly pink design with minimal dark purple accents, resembling a bright pink lightsaber.

  • Popularity: High
  • Price Range: Among the more expensive base phases

Phase 3

Description: Phase 3 Dopplers are less favored due to their simple color scheme. They mostly appear as black knives with blue streaks and occasional green accents.

  • Popularity: Low
  • Price Range: Typically cheaper

Phase 4

Description: Phase 4 Dopplers have an almost equal split between black and blue sections. Their balanced color distribution makes them quite popular.

  • Popularity: High
  • Price Range: Comparable to Phase 2

Black Pearl

Description: Black Pearl Dopplers are rare and highly desirable, featuring a completely black design devoid of purple, pink, or blue accents.

  • Current Listings: Few available, starting at $1,111 for Gut Knives


Description: Ruby Dopplers are easily recognizable and highly coveted. These knives feature a solid red design reminiscent of real ruby gemstones.

  • Current Listings: Ranges from $830 for Navaja Knife to $13,300 for Butterfly Knife


Description: Sapphire Dopplers are the pinnacle of rarity and value. Their solid blue appearance mimics the beloved sapphire gemstone, making them the most expensive Doppler finishes.

  • Current Listings: Prices range from $947 for a Navaja Knife to $20,990 for a 0.001 float Butterfly Knife


Doppler knives in CS2 are not just about aesthetics; their phases significantly impact their value and desirability. Whether you are drawn to the classic elegance of Phase 2 or the rare allure of a Sapphire, there's a Doppler phase for every collector.

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