Best CS2 Crosshairs & How To Set Them Up

Best CS2 Crosshairs & How To Set Them Up

Unlock the full potential of your gameplay with the best CS2 crosshairs. Learn how to set up and customize your crosshair like the pros. Follow our guide for optimal settings.

In Counter-Strike 2, your crosshair significantly impacts your performance. It's a highly individual aspect of the game that requires careful customization. In this guide, we'll explain how to set up and adjust crosshairs in CS2 and showcase examples from pro esports players.

Guide: How to Change Your Crosshair in CS2

To access crosshair settings in CS2, click the gear icon in the top-left corner of the menu (Settings), select Game, and then navigate to Crosshair. Here, you can tweak various settings to your preference.

Crosshair Parameters

The appearance of your crosshair is determined by several parameters:

  • Style: Dynamic, Static, or Hybrid.
  • Center Dot: Optional dot in the middle.
  • Length: Line length.
  • Thickness: Line thickness.
  • Gap: Space between the lines.
  • Outline: Outline thickness, if any.
  • Color: Defined by RGB values.
  • Alpha: Transparency level.

These settings allow for extensive customization to suit your playstyle.

Best Crosshair Settings

Crosshairs are subjective, but here are some general tips:

  • Recoil Setting: Disable for experienced players; enable if you’re a beginner.
  • Static Crosshair: Preferred for less distraction and precise aiming.

How to Import a Crosshair into CS2

Use the ‘crosshair code’ function to import settings. Next to the crosshair preview, click ‘Share or Import,’ copy the code, and share or import it.

Crosshair Generator Map

To avoid messing up settings, use the crashz crosshair generator v4 map from the workshop. It allows you to adjust and test crosshairs in real-time.

Top 5 Best Pro Players Crosshairs

Here are crosshair codes from some top pro players, provided by

  • s1mple: CSGO-w8oZm-tDYrj-PbCFm-rs6QV-OSc3K
  • m0nesy: CSGO-AAtxe-zWUrD-YuE8z-VeEX8-uWXTB
  • NiKo: CSGO-Cc5CX-EFvks-f7DR8-7BASW-zqLDR
  • Ropz: CSGO-tMcGZ-7dsrt-w7Mor-rZv2M-ey3JE
  • ZywOo: CSGO-Umk5s-uxPQA-eDfJW-qWMyR-znjPK


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