Best CS2 Crosshair Codes Used by Pros – 10 Options

Best CS2 Crosshair Codes Used by Pros – 10 Options

Explore the top 10 CS2 crosshair codes used by pro players. Our guide provides crosshair codes, customization tips, and a simple import tutorial to help you optimize your in-game performance.


CS2 offers extensive crosshair customization, allowing players to tweak color, size, thickness, and behavior. This article lists the top 10 crosshair codes used by professional players, complete with screenshots of the top ten, so you can choose the best one for your preferences.

Top 10 CS2 Crosshair Codes

  1. ZywOoCSGO-CRuM5-SNFNz-4vtqY-GpFfH-LqbxJ
  2. cadianCSGO-oU57W-DoxMr-auovM-p6edw-pevvE
  3. ropzCSGO-dUMpD-ykvYd-hNurR-9mCM7-WsdqA
  4. s1mpleCSGO-Gj9ry-3QQF3-T78kK-onMAf-6DR7B
  5. NiKoCSGO-Ox4av-Gp7as-jKoZH-jFua9-WsdqA
  6. m0nesyCSGO-PBAmf-cBT6C-CzWBZ-8JbQi-ZbJaA
  7. EliGECSGO-vwsWm-D25YH-POjxa-dTvFP-AADhP
  8. jksCSGO-4conT-ek2JL-22MyN-ia7mm-3kYbD
  9. b1tCSGO-CRuM5-SNFNz-4vtqY-GpFfH-LqbxJ
  10. iMCSGO-P6stL-JmHys-zdzY6-XAXeF-xmKPJ

How to Import a CS2 Crosshair

Using a Crosshair Code:

  1. Copy the crosshair code.
  2. Open/start CS2.
  3. Navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Game' -> 'Crosshair' -> 'Share or Import.'
  4. Paste the crosshair code and click 'Import.'

Using Crosshair Commands:

  1. Copy the crosshair commands.
  2. Open/start CS2 and enable the Developer Console in settings.
  3. Press the ~ key to open the console.
  4. Paste the commands and press Enter.


Copying the crosshair of a pro player won't instantly make you a pro, but it can help improve your consistency. Experiment with these top crosshair codes to find the one that suits you best. For more settings and gear recommendations, visit our CS2 Pro Settings and Gear List. Happy gaming!

For more details and to find the perfect crosshair, visit SkinsLuck's Blog.

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