Top Ten Best Black Stickers in CS2

Top Ten Best Black Stickers in CS2

Explore the best black stickers in CS2 to add a touch of elegance and style to your skins. Whether you prefer minimalist designs or striking logos, this list has you covered. Find out more on SkinsLuck!

Stickers add a unique touch to your CS2 skins, coming in various shapes, colors, and styles. Today, SkinsLuck presents the top ten black stickers in Counter-Strike 2, perfect for making your skins truly stand out.

Best Black Stickers in CS2

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Heresy features a round black base with gray text and an eagle from the Warhammer universe. Its simplicity makes it versatile for any craft, with large text that can form phrases.

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Nice Shot

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Nice Shot uses the headshot icon from CS:GO and CS2. Mostly black and white with subtle background stripes, this iconic sticker dates back to CS: Source.

The Best Black Stickers in Counter Strike 2 [2024]


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Rage, part of the Perfect World Sticker Capsule 2, is a mostly black sticker with an almost invisible white outline. It’s perfect for skins with hieroglyphs.

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Squeaky Door

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Squeaky Door stands out for its hexagonal shape and mysterious design, making it a unique addition to any skin.

Lambda (Holo)

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From Half-Life, the Lambda (Holo) sticker features a black circle with an orange lambda, enhanced by a holo effect. It’s bright, memorable, and a perfect addition to any skin.

Flashblack (Holo)

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Flashblack (Holo) shows a flashbang surrounded by a dark gray circle with white elements, creating a contrasting and striking look, especially on bright skins.

FURIA (Glitter) Copenhagen 2024

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FURIA’s Glitter stickers are black and shiny, featuring the team’s black puma logo. They’re eye-catching and perfect for any skin.

BIG (Foil) Stockholm 2021

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The BIG (Foil) Stockholm 2021 sticker features a black background with a white bear paw print. It’s simple yet impactful, making it a great choice for many skins.

Legendary (Foil)

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Legendary (Foil) is dark blue with gray areas and black splashes. The foil effect gives it a darker, almost enigmatic look, making it a standout sticker.

DreamHack 2014 Stickers

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All paper DreamHack Major 2014 stickers are chic black squares with team logos in the center. They’re luxurious, hence the higher price.

If you’re unsure which black sticker to choose, visit SkinsLuck. We offer skins with pre-applied stickers, which are often cheaper than crafting them yourself. Use our handy filter system to find the perfect addition to your inventory quickly. Join now!

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