Unveiling the AWP Dragon Lore: The Pinnacle of CS2 Skins

Unveiling the AWP Dragon Lore: The Pinnacle of CS2 Skins

Discover why the AWP Dragon Lore stands as the ultimate icon in CS2, captivating players with its history, rarity, and sky-high market values.

Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran sharpshooter in Counter-Strike 2, the AWP Dragon Lore is a term you're likely familiar with. This skin isn’t just another item in your inventory; it's a legend, celebrated as the most iconic weapon skin across all video games, revered for both its breathtaking design and its eye-watering price tag.

The Legendary AWP Dragon Lore

First introduced to the Counter-Strike series on July 1, 2014, during Operation Breakout—which also brought us the beloved Butterfly Knife—the AWP Dragon Lore quickly became a sensation within the CS:GO community. Now, nearly a decade later, its allure hasn’t faded in CS2, maintaining its status as the most iconic and one of the priciest skins in the game.

Current Market Prices of the AWP Dragon Lore

The AWP Dragon Lore’s value varies greatly depending on its condition:

  • Factory New: $10,513
  • Minimal Wear: $8,234
  • Field Tested: $5,655
  • Well Worn: $5,012
  • Battle Scarred: $3,290

The Souvenir versions of this skin, linked with major CS:GO tournaments and adorned with unique stickers, fetch even higher prices:

  • Souvenir Factory New: $491,391
  • Souvenir Minimal Wear: $189,537
  • Souvenir Field Tested: $54,599
  • Souvenir Battle Scarred: $32,291
  • Souvenir Well Worn: No recent listings or sales available.

Why Does the AWP Dragon Lore Cost So Much?

The astronomical prices of the AWP Dragon Lore can be attributed to its extreme rarity. The odds of unboxing this coveted skin from a Cobblestone Souvenir Package are a staggering 0.0256% (about 1 in 3906), which classifies it as an exceedingly rare item. With the lowest price for a Cobblestone Souvenir Package currently standing at $1,265 on SkinsLuck, you’d be looking at an average expenditure of approximately $4,941,090 to potentially unbox one yourself.

Rarity in Numbers

There are only 5,584 AWP Dragon Lores in existence, a minuscule number compared to the millions of other skins available in CS2. Of these, 1,994 are Factory New, and a mere 17 are Souvenir Factory New, making these particular versions some of the rarest collectibles in the game.


The AWP Dragon Lore isn’t just a weapon; it's a collector’s dream and a status symbol in the world of CS2. Its value is secured by its rarity and the prestigious aura that surrounds it. For those looking to own a piece of Counter-Strike history, the Dragon Lore is the ultimate prize.

If you're aiming to sell or acquire such elite skins, remember to check out platforms like SkinsLuck for secure transactions. Want to know more about getting the best deals or enhancing your gameplay? Stick with us for more expert insights and guides.

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