All About CZ75-A in CS2: Complete Guide and Best Skins

All About CZ75-A in CS2: Complete Guide and Best Skins

Discover the unique CZ75-A pistol in CS2 with our complete guide. Learn how to master its strengths, mitigate its weaknesses, and find the best skins to enhance your gameplay on SkinsLuck.


The CZ75-A is a unique pistol in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) known for its full-auto fire mode, making it a powerful choice for players who can master its strengths and mitigate its weaknesses. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss how to play effectively with the CZ75-A, provide tips for maximizing its potential, and showcase the best skins to enhance your experience.

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Strong Sides

The CZ75-A holds a distinct place in CS2 due to its unique characteristics. Here are its key strengths:

High Damage

The CZ75-A can deal significant damage in a short time. At a distance of up to 10 meters, it’s comparable to many primary weapons in CS2 in terms of damage per second.


With an armor-piercing value of 77.65%, the CZ75-A surpasses most SMGs and pistols, though it falls short of the Deagle, Tec-9, and Five-SeveN.


As the cheapest automatic weapon in CS2, the CZ75-A offers excellent value. Its closest competitor in terms of price is significantly more expensive.

These strengths make the CZ75-A a valuable weapon for specific scenarios, particularly force rounds where budget and high damage output are crucial.

Weak Sides

Despite its strengths, the CZ75-A has notable weaknesses:


The recoil pattern of the CZ75-A is challenging to control. The first five bullets land accurately, but subsequent shots veer right and up, making it almost uncontrollable.


With only 12 bullets in the magazine and another 12 in reserve, the CZ75-A has a limited ammunition supply.

Reload and Draw Time

The CZ75-A has slow reload and draw times, taking nearly two seconds to draw and almost three seconds to reload, making it less versatile in fast-paced scenarios.

Kill Requirements

To eliminate an armored enemy, the CZ75-A requires at least five hits, and from a distance of 12 meters, it needs six hits. This makes it less effective at longer ranges.

How To Play With CZ75-A?

The CZ75-A excels in specific scenarios, primarily in close-range engagements. Here’s how to maximize its effectiveness:

  1. Get Close to Your Opponent: The CZ75-A is most effective within 10 meters.
  2. Aim for the Head: Maximize damage by aiming for headshots.
  3. Shoot Quickly: Use the high rate of fire to your advantage.
  4. Grab the Opponent’s Weapon: After securing a kill, take your opponent’s weapon to continue fighting effectively.

Additional Strategies

  • Backup for Snipers: The CZ75-A is an excellent backup weapon for snipers, offering a reliable option for close-range defense.
  • Team Purchases: Coordinate with teammates to use the CZ75-A in ambushes, maximizing its effectiveness in close-quarters combat.

Best CZ75-A Skins

There are 32 skins for the CZ75-A in CS2, available on SkinsLuck. Here are the top five skins to consider for your inventory:

CZ75-A Victoria

  • Description: Elegant Victorian design with gold engravings.
  • Condition: Minimal Wear
  • Price: $6.42

CZ75-A Emerald

  • Description: Vibrant green color with a glossy finish.
  • Condition: Factory New
  • Price: $36.7

CZ75-A Yellow Jacket

  • Description: Distinctive yellow and black color scheme.
  • Condition: Minimal Wear
  • Price: $9.06

CZ75-A Red Astor

  • Description: Bright red and black design with a futuristic style.
  • Condition: Factory New
  • Price: $1.47

CZ75-A Tigris

  • Description: Striking tiger pattern in black and orange.
  • Condition: Factory New
  • Price: $1.60


The CZ75-A is a formidable weapon in the hands of players who can manage its fire rate and recoil. By understanding its strengths and weaknesses, you can leverage the CZ75-A effectively in your gameplay. And with the right skins, you can enhance both your performance and the visual appeal of your inventory. Explore the wide range of CZ75-A skins on SkinsLuck and elevate your CS2 experience today!


Why should I use the CZ75-A in CS2?
The CZ75-A offers high damage output, good armor-piercing capabilities, and is the cheapest automatic weapon, making it ideal for specific scenarios.

What are the weaknesses of the CZ75-A?
The CZ75-A has significant recoil, limited ammunition, slow reload and draw times, and requires multiple hits to kill armored enemies.

How can I effectively use the CZ75-A?
Use the CZ75-A in close-range engagements, aim for headshots, and leverage its high rate of fire. It’s also a great backup weapon for snipers.

Where can I buy CZ75-A skins?
You can purchase CZ75-A skins on SkinsLuck, which offers a wide selection and competitive prices.

What are the best CZ75-A skins?
Some of the best CZ75-A skins include Victoria, Emerald, Yellow Jacket, Red Astor, and Tigris, all available on SkinsLuck.

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